Geomembrane / Geotextile Liner Installation

GSI is one of the largest installers of geotextile liners in the USA. Our installation services have been utilized by a wide range of industries, including landfills, power and energy, civil construction, EPA and Corp. of Engineers projects, pulp and paper, oil and gas, aquaculture, agriculture and mining. GSI’s estimating, project management and construction operations are all based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Our installation crews operate from locations across the country, enabling us to provide competitive local service from coast to coast.

GSI supplies all required geosynthetic materials, along with the necessary site supervision — skilled technicians, in-house quality control technicians, site labor, deployment equipment, equipment operators, etc. — related to the installation of the geosynthetic materials. Our geomembrane lining installation experience with HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, Reinforced Plastic Sheeting (RPE/RPP), Hypalon and XR-5 liners now exceeds over 700 million square feet gathered on thousands of projects, including over 37 million square feet installed on coal ash projects in the last two years.

Safety is an essential part of our company culture. GSI site superintendents and lead technicians are OSHA trained and certified. GSI’s diligent focus on safety continues with regular injury preventative practices and attention to working safely throughout the day, week and year. All of these efforts combine to provide a solid record of safety evident by our current EMR rating of .72.


GSI also performs substantial testing to ensure quality is maintained throughout installation. We pressure test air channel wedge welds to ensure pressure drop doesn’t exceed specification. Destructive testing is performed on seams, with a portion of the sample field tested and a portion shipped to an independent lab. Additionally, we perform vacuum box testing along seams to detect any leaks.


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