Landfill Closures

Textured LLDPE or HDPE geomembrane on a prepared sub grade covered with a geocomposite drainage layer is the most common closure system for closed landfill cells. These two layers of geosynthetic products are then covered with a soil cover, which is seeded to prevent soil erosion. The geomembrane prevents the infiltration of rainwater and also prevents methane gas from escaping into the atmosphere. The geocomposite transports the rainwater that seeps through the soil cover to collection piping, which in turn carries the water away from the closed cell. Many of these closed landfills have been turned into recreational areas.

Safety is an essential part of our company culture. GSI site superintendents and lead technicians are OSHA trained and certified. GSI’s diligent focus on safety continues with regular injury preventative practices and attention to working safely throughout the day, week and year. All of these efforts combine to provide a solid record of safety evident by our current EMR rating of .72.

Secondary Containment

Groundwater and soil contamination prevention is a challenge that various manufacturers and industries are forced to deal with. GSI installs geomembranes quickly for a variety of secondary containment applications, including large concrete basin lining. We have a wide range of materials with varying levels of chemical and UV resistance to suit all secondary containment needs.

Solid Waste Landfills

Today’s modern solid waste landfill is an extremely secure containment for solid waste. They utilize a combination of smooth and textured geomembranes (liners), geocomposites and geosynthetic clay liners. These products have replaced natural materials such as sand and clay and have offered a much higher quality and more secure containment of solid waste. A very common base liner system design begins with a secondary liner on the prepared subgrade and then a geonet or geocomposite on top of that liner. A primary liner is then installed. Finally, another geocomposite is laid down to cover the primary liner layer. The geonet or geocomposite that is between the liners is for leak detection, and the geocomposite over the primary liner is for leachate collection and transportation to sumps. In the sumps, the leachate can be collected and treated. GSI has vast experience in the supply and installation of these products in landfill applications throughout the country.

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