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GEOCOIR®/DeKowe® Biodegradable Geotextiles

GEOCOIR®/DeKowe® Biodegradable Geotextiles are used for slope stabilization and protection of stream banks, shorelines and wetlands. They are made from exceptionally high strength woven coir fiber twine and are available in 3 standard weights—400, 700 and 900 grams/sq meter—and the unique 2307 fencing system.

GEOCOIR®/DeKowe® Biodegradable Geotextiles hold seed and plant materials in place as the vegetation takes hold. As soon as they accomplish their function (up to 10 years depending upon application), these biodegradable geotextiles decompose and fit into the natural ecological cycle, leaving a flourishing, healthy natural vegetative barrier against further erosion problems.

GEOCOIR/DeKowe 400 EDEKOWE400 Download PDF
GEOCOIR/DeKowe 700 EDEKOWE700 Download PDF
GEOCOIR/DeKowe 900 EDEKOWE900 Download PDF
JUTE MAT 4’ X 225’ 100SY
(Class II Type A)
EJUTE Download PDF

*Sold in rolls, 165 ft long, 2 meter, 3 meter or 4 meter wide.

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