Coir Fiber Biologs

Coir Fiber Biologs

Biologs are an effective tool in the fight against stream bank and shoreline erosion. Made of 100% biodegradable coir fibers bound by high strength twisted coir netting, biologs attenuate wave energy and buffer fluctuations in stream flow velocities while also allowing sufficient time for regrowth of vegetation. By the time the biologs degrade, the once eroded area is restored and stabilized by the vigorous network of roots and grasses. The result is a 100% natural solution designed to promote healthy waterways and enhance wildlife habitat.

12″ DIA X 10FT LONG BIOLOG 9# Density EFIBER1210
16” DIA x 10FT LONG BIOLOG 9# Density EFIBER1610
20″ DIA X 10FT LONG BIOLOG 9# Density EFIBER2010

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