Industrial Containment

Many companies use industrial ponds and artificial lagoons (evaporation, holding, cooling, retention, firefighting and sludge treatment ponds) in their treatment process. These ponds are usually required to be lined. The most common liners used are HDPE, Polypropylene and PVC. The geomembrane prevents the seepage of water or contaminated liquid waste into the groundwater.

Methane Barriers

In some areas of the country, methane gas occurs naturally and can percolate into buildings, causing a potential gas explosion if ignited. Methane gas can also migrate from active or closed landfills. In these areas of risk, geomembrane liners can be placed under the concrete foundations and floors. Any gas that is generated under the building is transported under the liner (usually in a sand and perforated pipe layer) and then vented safely to the outside of the building.

Safety is an essential part of our company culture. GSI site superintendents and lead technicians are OSHA trained and certified. GSI’s diligent focus on safety continues with regular injury preventative practices and attention to working safely throughout the day, week and year. All of these efforts combine to provide a solid record of safety evident by our current EMR rating of .72.

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