When used in applications such as retaining walls and earth embankments, geogrids must have a resistance to creep. Unlike traffic loading, the forces that act upon a geogrid in an earth retention structure are constant. Polypropylene geogrids subjected to similar conditions will continue to stretch or creep, making the structure unsafe. Soil reinforcement geogrids are made with the materials and processes that minimize “creep,” making them well suited to such applications.

Most soil reinforcement geogrids are uniaxial, meaning that they are considerably stronger in one direction versus the other. When using a uniaxial geogrid, it is important to properly position the material so the higher strength direction is in line with the direction of the highest anticipated load. GSI offers a wide variety of soil reinforcement geogrids for a variety of applications.

StrataGrid® presents the latest development in geogrid technology. It is manufactured using advanced knitting procedures combined with a tough, proprietary method of PVC impregnation, which penetrates into the high tenacity polyester yarns. StrataGrid® offers superior resistance to “creep” under constant stress, abrasion resistance, elevated temperature stability, and excellent chemical and biological stability.

The advanced knitting process and PVC impregnation offers StrataGrid® superior resistance to installation damage.

Applications include:

Segmental Retaining Walls

Reinforced Steep Slopes

Reinforced Embankments Over Soft Soil

Landslide Repair

Reinforced Foundations

STRATA 150 6.25’ X 144’ 100 SY GSTRATASGBU120 Download PDF
STRATA 200 6.25’ X 288’ 200 SY GSTRATASGU60 Download PDF
STRATA 350 6.25’ X 288’ 200 SY GSTRATASGU80 Download PDF
STRATA 500 6.25’ X 288’ 200 SY GSTRATASGU100 Download PDF

Click below to download the StrataGrid® conversion chart for old grid versus new grid product data comparisons.



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