Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene Films

Dura-Skrim® are LLDPE geomembranes reinforced with a heavy encapsulated polyester reinforcement. They provide excellent stability and the tri-directional reinforcement provides excellent tear and tensile strength. Dura-Skrim® geomembranes are made with thermal and UV stabilizers to provide long service life. They are used in applications that require exceptional outdoor life and high tear strength to thermal expansion.

Dura-Skrim® Reinforced Polyethylene Films

Dura-Skrim® Reinforced Polyethylene Films, available in thickness from 2 mils to 20 mils, are manufactured by interlaminating a layer of woven polyester scrim between two or more sheets of polyethylene film. The scrim reinforcement responds quickly to tears by surrounding and stopping the tear.

Dura-Skrim® 10HUV Films

Dura-Skrim® 10HUV Films are made for temporary applications that require a lightweight, tear-resistant film. Dura-Skrim® 10HUV, with UV stabilizers, is for similar applications that require longer life and greater durability. Common applications include:

Remediation Liners

Erosion Control & Outdoor Covers

Stockpile Covers

Product Wrapping

Enclosure Film

Ceiling & Wall Vapor Retarders

Dura-Skrim® 2FR Films

Dura-Skrim® 2FR are fire retardant films made for temporary applications that require a fire-retardant material with high puncture and tear strengths. Common applications include:

Outdoor Covers

Product Wrapping

Lead & Asbestos Abatement

Enclosure Film

Divider Curtains

Ceiling & Wall Vapor Retarders

Dura-Skrim® 6BB & 6WW Films

Dura-Skrim® 6BB & 6WW incorporate UV stabilizers. These films are well suited for short- to mid-term applications that require a lightweight, tear-resistant film.

Dura-Skrim® 8 & 12 BBR & WB Films

Dura-Skrim® 8 & 12 BBR & WB films are UV stable making them well suited to more demanding applications such as medium to lightweight liners and covers. Dura-Skrim® 20WW is a UV stable film made of very chemical-resistant, virgin polyethylene. It is used in applications that require exceptional outdoor life, puncture and tear strength. Common applications include:

Oilfield Pit Liners

Remediation Liners & Covers

Pond Liners

Erosion Control Covers

Interim Landfill & Outdoor Covers

Stockpile Covers

Hay/Silage Covers

DURASKRIM 10HUV (10 mil, clear)
Sold in 100ft rolls, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 & 40ft wide.
Dura-Skrim® 10HUV comes in panels up to 100,000sf.
DURASKRIM 2FR (6 mil, clear)
Sold in rolls and in panels up to 40,000sf.
DURASKRIM 6WW (6 mil, white)
Sold in rolls and in panels up to 100,000sf.
DURASKRIM 8WB (8 mil, black/white) LRUFCODS8WB
DURASKRIM 12WB (12 mil, black/white) LRUFCODS12WB
DURASKRIM 20WW  (20 mil, white)

8 & 12 BBR & BBW are sold in panels up to 80,000sf, & 20 WW up to 50,000sf.
Woven Coated Polyethylene

Woven Coated Polyethylene Geomembranes & Sheetings

Woven coated polyethylene geomembranes are designed for easy installation and long life, featuring unique benefits that make it the most effective and economical choice. They’re puncture, abrasion and chemical resistant, with a high strength HDPE woven core that provides superior dimensional stability. They’re UV, ozone, and oxidization resistant. And, they’re non-toxic, with no hazardous materials used in their construction.

Woven coated polyethylene sheetings are for larger covering applications where wind and heat can cause other types of unreinforced materials to stretch, leading to billowing and premature failure. Typically, the best applications are grain storage, landfill covers, rain covers, and soil pile covers. These materials are easily field-repaired with a handheld sewing machine or handheld heat gun. Lighter weight materials can be used for enclosure films in the building construction industry.

Woven Coated Polyethylene

12 mil Black/White -Black/Black LRUFCOW12
16 mil Black/White -Black/Black
Also available in 9, 20 & 30 mil

*The 16 mil woven coated membrane is used to fabricate floating turbidity barriers.

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